OREM is the Italian manufacturer of elevators for passengers and freights, specialised in solving all problems of vertical mobility.
Following our tradition of robustness and reliability of its own standard lifts, OREM produces also customised lifts, panoramic lifts, home lifts (series Liftfamily), goods lifts, car lifts, bed lifts and a wide range of lifts for disabled, using components designed zealously, experienced and reliable over time.

Advanced design offices are in continuous search of innovative technical solutions to meet the requirements of our numerous clients, with customised lifts according to the use and the type of the building.

All components made by OREM are rigorously tested with simulations and tests in different departments of the company, so as in the test tower. The tower of over 40 meters height, rises behind the industrial building. Inside it the first panoramic lift manufactured by our company slides vertically.
OREM also produces safety devices and components suitable to increase the functionality and safety of existing lifts.

We care for the problem of energy saving, and so we offer solutions and components suitable for the reduction of electricity consumption. In this way, also the operating panels for car and floors are made to offer complete information to the passenger with low power consumption, without forgetting a modern and pleasant design.