The maintenance in an elevator is provided in D.P.R. No. 162 of 30/04/1999 coordinated with the provisions of DPR October 5, 210 no. 214. The elevator is comparable to a car at which you should do the maintenance to keep it efficiently and ready for use. So, the elevators have also need of revisions based on their use, comparable to the miles driving with your car. A greater use, a greater number of maintenance services are need for keeping the efficiency in the elevator. The maintenance service and technical assistance in O.R.E.M. is a cost-effective solution, reliable and of high quality. Provided by personal fully qualified and continually updated in compliance with the standards to performance a preventive and conservative maintenance for an optimum operation of the system over time. Depending on the type of installation, the ambience of the installation and the number of daily runs, you can choose the most suitable type of maintenance. For this purpose, OREM offers you a variety of services, ranging from a simple daily maintenance up to the development a “Global Service”.