Elevator with low power consumption and machine room located in the hoistway. The controller panel is embedded in the wall adjacent to the landing door or inside of the hoistway.
The SPIDERLIFT elevator is built conform to the harmonised standars EN81-1 and Lift Directive No. 95/16/EC; in compliance with the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive N.2004/108/CE and the Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE.
In the table "DS" below are indicated some of the dimensions for SPIDERLIFT serie.

removal of architectural barriers Italian Law 13/89 D.M. N.236
* Existing buildings adaptation
** New buildings for residential use
*** New buildings for no-residential use

On request, installations can be supplied with cars and capacities diverse at those on the table.
• The graphic design with the dimensions shown in the table DS have a tolerance of + 25mm. with respect to the maximum dimensions to the plumb-line.
• If the hoistway is made of reinforced concrete, it is advisable to leave open the walls where the entrances will be placed to avoid alterations or modification of the lateral walls at the door during assembly of the elevator.
• In order to move the elevator components, must be installed in the cover slab of the hoistway appropieate hooks, conforming to the OREM design, for lifting the specified load.
• The hoistway protected from atmospheric agents, moisture and dust, must be adequately ventilated according to standards EN 81-1, with an opening area of not less than 1% of the horizontal section of the compartment itself, and the ambient temperature between+ 5°C and +40° C.. It also must be in accordance with the codes of the local Fire Department.
• The power supply lines of F.M. and lights, with adequate protection, will be sized as specified by OREM and will be part of the control panel of the elevator.
• On request, may be provided “SPDERLIFT” with reduced pit and overhead.